Lex Carnival


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About Lex Valiant



  • Every battle has it’s warriors and amongst these warriors, rise the valiant,who gave their best, even when they had nothing left. They competed on allgrounds to prove their mettle. Hence, we felt that such collective efforts be rewarded.
  • Lex Carnival 2024 is introducing, for the first time, in it’s third edition, Lex Valiant, the concept of:

 ~Lex Champions~

~Lex Runners Up~



  • Institutions must participate in all events of Lex Carnival, to be eligible to be shortlisted for Lex Valiant.

Marking Criteria

  • The Lex Valiant award will be determined through a comprehensive marking scheme based on the ranking achieved by each participating institution in the respective event. The evaluation criteria for this prestigious award are as follows:

    1. 1st Place: +100 Marks
    2. 2nd Place: +75 Marks
    3. 3rd Place: +50 Marks
    4. 1st Consolation: +30 Marks
    5. 2nd Consolation/5th Place: +20 Marks
    6. Participation: +10 Marks



  • In case of a tie-breaker, the teams which have won the most no. of first prizeswill be given the Lex Champions award and in case further tie, the institution which will have dominated the placings in the 4 events, shall be awarded the Lex Champions.


  • To reward the hardwork and determination of our Lex Valiants, theinstitution shall be awarded with an institutional trophy to the:

    Lex Champions
    Lex Runners Up