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Cash Prize of Rs. 3,000/-
+ [Certificate of Merit]

1st Runner Up:

Cash Prize of Rs. 2,000/-
+ [Certificate of Merit]

2nd Runner Up:

Cash Prize of Rs. 1,000/-
+ [Certificate of Merit]

2 Consolation Prizes

Cash Prizes of Rs. 500/-
+ [Certificate of Merit]

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About Lex H.A.M

  • Lex Carnival’24 is hosting its first edition of Half A Minute. This event shall test participants on their Spontaneity of thoughts, Candour of words and Agility of interjection.
  • We are of the belief that for a good debator and a good lawyer, the spontaneity of their arguments and the candid nature of it, is of extreme importance.
  • Half A Minute aims at testing these skills of the participants when the stove is turned on and everyone is feeling the heat of the event.


1st February 2024
Time: 10:30 AM onwards

Last Date of Registration:

26th January 2024

Exciting Cash Prizes & Lot More

Cash Prize worth Rs 7,000/-

Registration fees:

Registration fee of Rs. 500 + GST per person.


Open for all educational institutions.



Two participants shall be called on the stage. Each participant will be given a topic, on-the-spot, with 10 seconds of preparation time and the speaking time shall be of 30 Seconds.

NOTE: Topic will be picked by the participants from a bowl of chits.



The participant must speak on the subject for 30 seconds without repeating their content, deviating from the subject or pausing for too long.




Language to be used for the competition: English.

Use of any other language shall lead to negative marking of -5.


When a participant raises an interjection and it is awarded as valid, then they shall continue speaking for the rest of the remaining seconds of the time.

Judgement Criteria

The decision of the judges will be final and binding.


The participants will be judged on the following criteria:

  • Total time spoken (The total number of seconds the speaker has spoken for): +1 for every valid second that the speaker speaks for.
  • Valid Interjections: +5 for every valid interjection made by the participants.
  • Facts spoken: On a scale of 1 to 5, for the facts presented.
  • Invalid Interjections: -3 for every invalid interjection made by the participants.


The following interjections would be counted as Valid Interjections:

  • Repetition: If a participant repeats a fact or a line in his speech.
  • Deviation from the topic: If a participant deviates from the topic.
  • Long Pause/Thinking Pause: If a participant takes a long pause for thinking during the speaking time.(Breathing pause is allowed and it will be the judge’s discretion to decide if the pause was a thinking pause or a breathing pause.)

Contact Details

Anshika Nath

Event Convener

Anushka Srivastava

Event Convener

Md. Umar Siddiqui

Event Co-Convener

Shafaq Ara

Event Co-Convener

Core Committee

Saif Ali

Committee Incharge

Vidisha Rai

Aviral Mishra

Aniket Mishra